Go to the GitHub Releases page to download the latest release for Windows 64-bit (ponzi2.exe) or Linux 64-bit (ponzi2).

Get a IEX Cloud API Token

ponzi2 uses the IEX Cloud API, so you will need to get a free IEX Cloud API token.

Specify Your IEX Cloud API Token

You need to tell ponzi2 what your API token is. ponzi2 does not offer a user-friendly way to do this, so you will need to pass the token via a flag.

Windows 10

  1. Right-click on ponzi2.exe and select "Pin to Taskbar" or "Create Shortcut".
  2. Right-click on the taskbar icon or the shortcut and select "Properties".
  3. Specify the IEX API token by appending the iex_api_token flag to the "Target" field and pressing OK to save settings. It should look like this:
    ponzi2.exe -iex_api_token=YOUR_API_TOKEN
    ponzi2 Properties dialog showing the Target field.
  4. Click on the taskbar icon or shortcut to start ponzi2!


You are on your own, but I believe in you! You just need to add the iex_api_token flag. It should look like this:

ponzi2 -iex_api_token=YOUR_API_TOKEN


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